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Do I Have a Slip and Fall Legal Case?

Whenever a slip and fall incident occurs, we often get the same question over and over again; do I have a case? Sadly, we see many people suffering from an injury after falling in a store or restaurant but they fail to get in contact with a trusted slip and fall attorney because they think it’ll be too much effort or impossible to get compensation. For this reason, we’re going to compile some information here today to put you in a better position to make a decision.

In Fort Lauderdale, we see several slip and fall cases per month because it’s still so common. Not only do people slip on liquids, but they can also trip over wires, uneven flooring, products on the floor, or carpets/mats. After experiencing an injury from a slip or fall, our automatic reaction seems to be to get up and walk away as quickly as possible while trying to hide a red face. However, you could actually receive compensation if there is a negligent party to blame for the accident.

At The Injury Firm, our Fort Lauderdale slip and fall attorney team have the experience and skill to guide you through the process from one stage to the next. Without having to pay a penny just yet, we can advise you on how to deal with insurance companies while building a case that brings the result you desire. At this point, we should note that we don’t aim to ruin the reputations of businesses but we do believe that people deserve compensation after being injured, paying for medical costs, and possibly being forced to take time from work.

With The Injury Firm, you don’t have to make a decision on the spot because it all starts with a free consultation. During this initial meeting, we discuss your case and your aims moving forward.

Assessing the Strength of a Slip and Fall Case

Before we both decide that a legal case will be the best way forward, we start with a discussion regarding the accident and the location of the accident. For those who experience a slip or fall, we always advise keeping a cool head before then taking photographs of the scene as well as asking witnesses for a short statement (or at least their contact information). With these documents, you’ll already be ahead of the game and it allows us to see exactly where the fault lies.

Often, we see people feeling embarrassed when sitting in our office but this should never be the case. Unfortunately, it’s human nature to blame ourselves for an incident of this type whether it’s a ‘lack of attention’ or ‘clumsiness’. On top of this, there’s also a public perception that people who claim are just trying to get some money for free. Above all else, we urge you to ignore this because they don’t realize how much of an impact slip and fall accidents can have; they don’t realize that you’ll have to take time from work and payout medical costs while you recover.

If you decide to go ahead and pursue the case, try to get your hands on all the medical documentation relating to the case. Of course, medical attention should always be the first step after the accident because your health is the most important factor of all. When tests are taken and you’re given medication, make sure you (or a relative) get all the paperwork to show the extent of your injury. If the insurance company claim that you weren't injured too badly, this medical documentation will be invaluable.

Fort Lauderdale Slip and Fall Statistics

Across the US, it’s thought that around eight million emergency room visits can be attributed to slip and fall cases; it’s not as rare as you thought, right? Thanks to the National Floor Safety Institute, we now have some key statistics regarding this type of accident.

  • Despite not being the main cause of fatal occupational injuries, slip and falls are now the main reason for lost days at work.
  • For those aged over 55 years, slip and falls are the main cause of the occupational injury; they’re also the main cause of claims for workers’ compensation.
  • Occurring in around 5% of all victims, fractures are the most likely outcome of slips and falls.
  • According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, over one in five incidents leads to over 31 days away from work; this should dispel the myth of injuries not being serious.
  • Finally, around two million falls are a direct result of flooring/flooring materials (this is according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC)).

With slips and falls, one of the biggest problems is that they often require medical attention. Considering we like to put out our hands to break the fall, this is another common issue that leads to sprains, strains, and broken bones. If you ever experience a slip or fall, you should never be embarrassed about seeking help. Firstly, it isn't a process that requires lots of effort as long as you choose the right slip and fall lawyer (The Injury Firm). Secondly, you don’t have to sacrifice physical therapy or another important step of the rehabilitation process just because you don’t have the money.

At The Injury Firm, we actually work on a lien basis and this means you don’t have to pay anything in advance. Instead, the cost of our service will be taken from your settlement. Not only do we work on this basis, we also have fantastic relationships with medical professionals who will do the same and this is all thanks to our superb track record.

Dealing with Insurance

For most businesses and property owners these days, they tend to have some form of insurance just in case something was to happen on their property. However, you have to realize that insurance companies do not have empathy and they’re going to attempt to pay as little as possible. Above all else, they want to look after their own profits which mean only paying a small amount to you regardless of the injury and negligence.

Over the years, The Injury Firm has worked extensively with insurance companies so we know how they operate. If you choose to partner with us you’ll have a partner who desperately wants the insurance company to be accountable for their actions. With this in mind, we’re wise to their tactics and we build a case that yields the most positive result.

Sometimes, even simple and small injuries can impact on one’s life; for example, a broken finger for a writer could prevent them from working. During our discussions, we’re sure to include emotional suffering and any missed work in addition to medical costs. Not only do we want to obtain compensation for what you’ve already experienced, but we also want the rest of your recovery to be smooth sailing so this will be our aim. After finally finishing the rehab process, the last thing you need is insurmountable debt.

The Injury Firm

If you’ve recently been injured on private property (assuming you were invited, of course), business property, or even governmental property, we can help with compensation and it all starts with a simple phone call. Within the market, we realize there are numerous services so we’ve listed a couple of reasons why you should choose us to finish this guide!

Experienced Professionals - First and foremost, we see a number of talented attorney services in the market today but there’s a problem with many; they don’t have enough experience. While talent is important, it can only get you so far because the experience is the key quality that enables us to deal with hurdles and overcome them in the right way.

In addition to this, we also know how the process works like the back of our hands. In recent years, we’ve seen people decide to go it alone without an attorney but this is a mistake because they don’t know what to expect. Since we’ve achieved thousands of positive results as a slip and fall attorney, we know what’s normal and…well, what isn’t.

Beneficial Relationships - Secondly, we have relationships with medical professionals and investigators which is something our competitors just can’t offer. While we’re building the case to the best of our ability, you can get the medical treatment you need from our partners. Rather than getting yourself into money trouble now and having to rush the case for a settlement lower than you deserve, everything will come out of the compensation at the end.

High-Quality Investigators - Earlier, we recommended taking photographs of the scene to show the dangerous condition inside or outside the building. If you’re reading this in retrospect, this doesn’t mean you have no case at all because we have some of the best investigators around. While you concentrate on getting better, our team will gather evidence so we can get you the compensation you deserve.

Free Consultation - Considering we’re now in the 21st century, we find it amazing that some attorneys still don’t offer a free consultation. For us, it’s one of the most important features of our service because it allows both parties to become acquainted. As well as you telling us what happened, it’s also a chance for us to learn your aims and whether we can help.

Even within the Fort Lauderdale slip and fall lawyers who do offer a free consultation, we still go one better because we’re willing to visit you at home, in hospital, or wherever you may be. If you’re recovering from your injury, we want to make the rehabilitation process as easy as possible so we’ll come by at your convenience.

Extensive Resources - To finish, we also want to point towards our brilliant resources because this could be the difference between having to settle for less outside of court and going all the way. With some attorneys, they just don’t have the manpower or money to go all the way and insurance companies know this. With The Injury Firm, we have a reputation within the industry and insurance companies know we’re capable of doing anything to get the result you deserve.  We will go to court to get what you deserve.

Contact The Injury Firm Today About Your Slip and Fall Accident

If you want to get through to one of our experts, feel free to call our number today. We appreciate that this can be a stressful time while you’re trying to pay bills, get back to work, recover from the injury, and maybe even support a family. Why not allow us to take this burden from your shoulders so you can take one step at a time?  Call 954-951-0000 Today!

If you’ve been injured and there’s a party to blame, you WILL have a case!

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