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I Slipped and Fell at Captain D’s

captain ds seafood restaurant buildingAfter a long week at work, lots of people treat themselves at the weekend to a takeaway or a meal in a restaurant. Over the years, Captain D’s has become a favorite for lots of Americans. When heading out for a tasty seafood dinner, the last thing on the mind is going home with a serious injury. However, it does happen (this might be why you’re reading our advice in this article). In this guide, we want to explain how a potential claim/case might work against Captain D’s. We’ll also explain why slips and fall accident injury lawyers are so important.

Captain D's - Business Profile

Considered a ‘fast-casual restaurant’, Captain D’s first launched in 1969 in Donelson, Tennessee. Now, over 50 years later, it has nearly 540 locations and around 6,000 employees across the country. Towards the end of the 1960s, seafood was seen as a luxury and something reserved for those with money. Not long after, Captain D’s had revolutionized the way seafood was seen by food lovers. Now, the average person had access to great seafood at an affordable price.

Possible Injuries in Captain D’s

As personal injury lawyers, we, unfortunately, see slip and fall injuries in restaurants often. In many cases, the injuries are so severe because the accident is so unexpected. We don’t think about the possibility of spilled liquid on the floor or an upturned rug when walking into a Captain D’s. Suddenly, we slip, and the natural reaction is to throw the arms out to break the fall. As a result, some of the most common injuries after a slip and fall accident include:

  • Broken arms
  • Broken wrist
  • Sprains and strains in the arm/wrist

For those who land on their back, there’s a chance of serious damage. Of course, this is compounded when landing on something sharp or hard on the way down. You might sprain an ankle, break your foot, or even hit your head. With the latter, a worst-case scenario would mean concussion, brain damage, or even death.

Hazards in Captain D’s

In truth, there are more hazards possible in Captain D’s than we like to think about. Most commonly, it’s something on the floor which has caused the accident. For example, this could be spilled drinks, grease, oil, or food.

Depending on the season, another common hazard is rain being tracked in through the front door. With no wet floor warnings, any customer walking in could potentially slip and damage themselves. Talking of the weather, it could even be snow or ice in the parking lot. Other causes of slip and fall accidents include:

  • Loose flooring
  • Upturned mat or carpet
  • Loose concrete or pavement outside
  • Poor lighting
  • Polished floors with no warning
  • Trash on the floor
  • Lack of handrails
  • Poor quality of stairs

As you can see, there are lots of causes of slip and fall accidents. If you’ve been injured in an accident like this, you may be entitled to compensation, and we can help at The Injury Firm.

Proving Negligence and Taking Legal Action

How did the accident occur? Often, the answer to this will define whether or not somebody is entitled to compensation. If Captain D’s was negligent, they may be responsible for the damages that have arisen as a result of the accident. As slip and fall accident injury lawyers, our role is to prove four things for you to receive the compensation you’re owed:

  • Captain D’s had a duty of care towards you
  • There was a breach of duty
  • This was the cause of your accident
  • The injuries you experienced were a direct result of the accident

During this process, you might see the phrase ‘premises liability’ and this is a legal concept that surrounds slip and fall cases as well as other personal injury cases. Essentially, this is the concept that the four steps above describe. Personal injury lawyers need to show that there was a breach in the duty of care. Premises liability cases can include snow accidents, defective conditions, poor security, and more.

At The Injury Firm, we will compile evidence on your behalf and prove that the negligence of Captain D’s caused your injuries. In some cases, this is harder than in others. For example, it would be unfair to assume Captain D’s should have been aware of a hazard that was created ten seconds earlier. On the other hand, leaving a spillage for an hour is unforgivable. Captain D’s had enough time to spot the hazard and deal with it appropriately.

Since slip and fall cases are difficult alone, especially when trying to recover from injuries, we recommend getting in touch today. When working with a trained and experienced lawyer, the majority of cases end in settlement. However, we have the resources to take a case to court when this is the only solution. This way, you get compensation without having to settle for something less.

Speak with The Injury Firm Today

We’re experienced personal injury lawyers with lots of experience in slip and fall accidents. Whether you fall and experience injuries in Captain D’s or any other restaurant, partner with us. While you focus on recovery, we will:

  • Gather evidence
  • Deal with insurance adjusters
  • Handle the paperwork and timings
  • Communicate with Captain D’s
  • Claim on your behalf
  • Negotiate settlements
  • Take your case to court for compensation

At all times, we’ll protect your legal rights. Sadly, insurance companies are normally focused on trying to spend as little as possible on your case. Don’t settle for less when you can work with The Injury Firm instead. We can help you to claim for pain and suffering, lost income, medical bills, and more. Not only will we claim for medical bills now, but we’ll also consider the future too. This way, you don’t need to worry about claiming again in the future.

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