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Carnival Ride Accident

The carnival should be a chance for you to enjoy yourself with friends and families. However, for some people, this might not be the case. There might be times when the carnival ride malfunctions or the safety responses fail to kick in. This can cause serious injuries and, in rare cases, even result in death. Let’s take a closer look at some of the most common accidents that can happen during the carnival and how you can get legal compensation if you are injured.

How Common Are Carnival Ride Accidents?

Each year there are hundreds of carnivals and events in Florida alone, with millions of people attending throughout the year. Because of this, a few minor accidents might inevitably occur. However, people might not be aware of how serious these accidents can be. For example, bouncy castles might be responsible for the death of minors. For example, the United Kingdom reported two bouncing castle deaths between 2017 and 2018. Dozens of other carnival rides can lead to accidents. It’s estimated that, in 2005, there were around 2,500 injuries that can be attributed to carnival ride accidents.

How Do Carnival Ride Accidents Occur?

A Little Boy Driving A Bumper CarSadly, there are many reasons why you might get injured on a fair ride. Let’s look at some of the most common ways that people get injured.

First, there might be a technical malfunction. When carnival rides were designed, there should have been safety measures in place, to protect the riders if there is a glitch in the system. However, sometimes these might not kick in. If this happens, the carnival ride victims might be thrown from the seats. Often, when this occurs, you can have a serious injury.

Another potential reason why these issues occur is that the operator isn’t experienced enough. To control a carnival ride, you need to have a lot of training. This will allow the operator to react quickly if the ride is malfunctioning. If the operator isn’t experienced enough, they might not know how to stop the ride properly, causing them to lose control. In other cases, they might push the fair ride beyond its capabilities, increasing the chances that an accident will occur.

What Obligations Do Carnival Ride Providers Have?  

Often, the people who run the attractions will have a tight schedule to stick to. While they might be in your town for tonight, they might need to be in another area in a few days. Because of this, they will need to pack things up and take them down very quickly. Sadly, this can sometimes mean that safety can be overlooked. Despite the tight timeframes, they still have a legal obligation to make sure that everything is safe.  Let’s look at some of these obligations.

First, they need to make sure that there is adequate signage in place. For example, they might need to block off some parts of the attraction. In other cases, they might need to tell you about the rules of the ride, to make sure that you don’t accidentally put yourself in danger.

They also need to make sure that the area is secure. For example, they will need to keep the walkways free of obstacles which could cause you to slip and fall. This is especially important if the carnival is taking place at night. At these times, the carnival operators need to make sure that there is adequate lighting. This will reduce the chances that you get robbed or assaulted.

Finally, they need to make sure that the attractions are safe. This encompasses many areas. For example, they need to make sure that the staff has adequate training to be able to operate the rides properly. They also need to make sure that the rides have been properly maintained and have been assembled properly. This includes testing everything to make sure that it is safe.

To build a strong case, your lawyer will need to show that the carnival operators violated their duty of care. This means that they failed to fulfill one of these obligations, causing you to have an accident. To make sure they can do this, you’ll need to hire skilled county rides and county fairs accident attorneys.

What Kind Of Injuries Can You Get From Carnival Rides?

As we’ve seen, there are many ways that you might get injured on a fair ride. The types of injuries that you might sustain can vary, depending on the type of accident that you were in. In most cases, carnival ride victims will only get minor injuries. For example, you might get a bruise if the ride stops suddenly. For example, you might slip because a piece of equipment wasn’t put away properly.

However, there are some cases where you can expect more serious injuries. For example, if the ride has a technical malfunction, it might speed up or stop suddenly. In some cases, the force of the ride suddenly stopping can propel you from your seat. If this happens, you could receive broken bones. Depending on the way you land, you might hit your head, which can lead to permanent brain damage and loss of mobility.

In rare cases, you might face more serious injuries. For example, it’s possible that some types of injuries can leave you with spinal fractures or brain bleeds. This will leave life-long damage, severely impacting on your quality of life. Finally, there are some carnival ride victims who die from their injuries. Tragically, this can impact on people of all ages, with some children dying from ride malfunctions.

What Should You Do If You Get Injured Because Of A Carnival Ride

If you get injured on a carnival ride, there are a few things that you can do. First, you might want to take pictures of the scene. This will form some valuable evidence, which you can use to back-up your case. You might also want to try and talk to anyone who might have seen the accident. If needed, their testimony could help you verify your version of events.

The next step is to take care of your health. After the accident, you need to talk to a doctor. They will be able to assess you, to determine the extent of the injuries. You should do this even if you weren’t seriously injured. Often, the adrenaline produced in the accident can mask the true extent of the injuries.

Finally, you might want to contact county rides and county fairs accident attorneys. They’ll be able to discuss your case and provide some advice. It’s important that you do this as quickly after the accident as possible. This will ensure that your recollection of the events is still clear. It will also allow your lawyer to start preparing the case early. 

What Type Of Compensation Can Carnival Ride Victims Get?

There are several types of things that a carnival ride victim might be able to get compensated for. Your lawyer will often discuss your circumstances, to try and understand all the ways the accident has impacted your life. This will allow you to build the strongest possible claim, and get the highest amount of compensation possible.

If you need to get medical treatment, you will be able to claim those costs. In most cases, your lawyer will wait for you to finish treatment, before filing the suit. This ensures that you will be able to claim all the costs. However, if you receive a life-long injury this might not be possible. In these cases, your lawyer will estimate the final treatment costs.

You might also be able to claim any psychological distress that you have received as a result of the accident. For example, it’s common to have post-traumatic stress disorder, as a result of the shock of being involved in such a serious injury. This is especially common if your family was involved. Though harder to quantify, you might be able to claim for any distress the accident caused.

Another common thing that you might be able to get compensated for is the loss of wages. In most cases, you might not be able to return to work, as you recover from the accident. This can sometimes lead to you missing out on thousands of dollars in work. You will be able to estimate your expected wages and claim for these.

Contact The Injury Firm Today

Going to the fair with your family should be a time to have fun and create pleasant memories. However, if the carnival operator doesn’t set things up properly, your day could quickly turn to a tragedy. Many carnival attractions have the potential to cause serious injuries if they malfunction. If you, or someone you care about, has been injured on a carnival ride, you can take legal action. At The Injury Firm, our skilled team of county rides and county fairs accident attorneys will be able to help you get the compensation you deserve. So, get in contact today and learn how we can help carnival ride victims recover: 954-951-0000.

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