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Florida Checkers Slip and Fall Lawyer

Checkers is a popular fast food restaurant chain in Florida, but they have the same premises liability as any other similar establishment. That means you may need a slip and fall accident lawyer if you should lose your footing in a Checkers or any other commercial business.

Although founded in Alabama, Checkers is headquartered in Florida and offers customers tasty fast food meals that include hot dogs, hamburgers, fries, and other assorted staples. What makes Checkers special is the double drive-throughs that allow for a quick pickup of a meal for you and your family. But if you should enter a Checkers establishment to order your meal, you are still protected in case an accident should occur.

Know What to Do

Every day, accidents occur on private, public, and commercial properties. In many cases, there is no fault and no injury occurs. However, there are times in which a slip and fall accident may cause injuries that may range from minor to serious. Although accidents and injuries happen all the time, knowing what to do is vital when it occurs.

Even though a small percentage of all slip and fall accidents result in injuries, it is important to understand that when it occurs, you may not have to foot the medical bill. This is because the nature of the accident may have been avoided with the expected due diligence of the property owner.

For example, Checkers is a fast food restaurant that requires employees and management to stay atop of potential hazards that may happen inside their property. From spilling food and drinks to proper cleaning and clearing of floors to the warning of potential hazards, Checkers has a responsibility to the general public to keep their restaurant safe.

It’s when they do perform their responsibilities as expected under the laws, rules, and regulations that govern their service to the community that they become liable for a slip and fall accident.

Slip & Fall Accidents

If you should suffer a slip and fall accident when inside a Checkers, the company may be liable for any injury that you have suffered. This includes the following.

  • Owners unaware of hazards that were present
  • No warning of any hazards which caused your fall
  • The hazard present which created the slip and fall conditions
  • Injuries suffered because of your fall

If you have suffered a slip and fall which resulted in injuries, you will need to alert an employee of the store that the incident occurred, receive medical treatment, and then contact a slip and fall accident lawyer.

The store employee or preferably the manager should fill out an incident report regarding what happened. If the injuries are serious enough to warrant an ambulance, then such an incident report will be automatically filed or at the very least the ambulance company will have a report on their arrival at the Checkers.

Once you have the proof in place, whether from the store incident report or the ambulance, you can now build your case with the medical records from the injuries sustained. This will tie into the premises liability as you now have a chain of documentation that your presence at the store, the slip and fall injury, and the treatment you received that are now connected.


Getting just compensation for your injuries will require a slip and fall accident lawyer. There are good reasons as to why you need representation when in this situation.

Settlement: The most common occurrence that occurs after you have been treated for your injuries is a settlement from Checkers or their insurance company. Such a settlement offer needs to be vetted by an experienced accident attorney to ensure that you are getting just compensation that includes the following.

  • Immediate treatment for injuries received in the accident
  • Follow-up treatments
  • Any physical therapy needed to aid in recovery
  • Lost wages from missing work
  • Mental anguish and related conditions

If you suffer long-lasting or permanent injuries from the accident, you may need to adjust your home such as wheelchair accessibility, ramps, and the like. Your slip and fall accident lawyer will know how to help you assess what is needed from Checkers in terms of a settlement to ensure that your recovery is fully covered.

Representation: Insurance companies are not in business to lose money. That is why in many circumstances they offer settlements that may be lower than what is required. Regardless of their motives, having an experienced accident attorney by your side means getting the proper representation and protection of your rights.

The attorney can negotiate on your behalf, so you get the proper settlement from the fast-food restaurant or any other establishment that is the cause of your accident.

Compensation: Getting just compensation may be quick or it may take more time depending on the insurance company. You may agree to a settlement quickly or the issue may have to be resolved in court. Whatever the case, having a proper accident attorney representing you can make a world of difference in terms of the compensation you receive.

The law in Florida has established guidelines as to what falls under just compensation when a person is injured due to the negligence of others, including Checkers. By consulting with the established law, looking at precedent, and evaluating the full need of your recovery, a slip and fall accident lawyer will fight for what is due.

Companies such as Checkers and other fast food restaurant establishments are covered by insurance companies that protect their interests. When an accident occurs and it is the fault of Checkers, then they are responsible for the premises liability. This means that you are due just compensation from the result of any injuries sustained from an accident on their property in which they are responsible.

This is why you need an experienced, knowledgeable slip and fall lawyer on your side. They can review your case, provide expert advice on the course you should take, and offer representation to work with Checkers or the insurance company to see that you get just compensation for your injuries.

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