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I Slipped and Fell In Church's Chicken, Now What?

churchs chicken restaurant outdoor sign on buildingPeople go to Church's Chicken to enjoy some of the finest Chicken dishes in the country. The foremost American chain of fast-food restaurants specializes in fried chicken but offers several other delicious dishes that will make anyone want to return again and again. Thanks to the quality of food they serve and the way they treat their customers, the restaurant enjoys huge patronage.

While it should be the last thing on your mind when going to Church's Chicken, there is the possibility that you can experience an accident when trying to enjoy a tasty mean. Restaurant slip and fall injury can happen at any restaurant at all, including Church’s Chicken. In fact, there is a recent case of a Harris County customer suing the Chicken restaurant because he allegedly fell and got injured on a greasy floor. The patron who goes by the name Mozhgan Shamsi filed a complaint on Sept.4 2019, alleging negligence and seeking compensation.

Did You Slip And Fall In Church's Chicken?

As you know, accidents can happen anywhere. If you slipped and fell in Church's Chicken and are still wondering what to do, you are at the right place. We can simply tell you that you can file a lawsuit against the company but that wouldn’t help so much. We will rather explain in simple terms what is involved in issues of this nature, how to go about filing a lawsuit the right way, and how personal injury lawyers can help you get the full compensation you deserve.

It is important to point out here that the result of a fall in Church's Chicken will result in what can be best described as a restaurant slip and fall injury. Now what? The best thing to do is to file a slip and fall lawsuit which is a common personal injury claim that falls under the broader premises liability claims category. It is important that we explain what premises liability claims entail so that you understand the need to do things the right way after sustaining an injury in circumstances like this.

What Does Premises Liability Claim Entail?

The legal principles of premises liability hold the owners of properties responsible for accidents that happen within their premises as a result of their negligence. It is based on the fact that property owners and businesses are expected, by law, to make their properties safe for anyone coming in for any kind of business or patronage.

In the case of a restaurant, it is the responsibility of the company to make the premises safe for their customers as well as individuals coming in for such occasions as meetings, interviews and the rest. When the establishment, by commission or omission, fails to make their premises safe and someone gets hurt, they are considered responsible and will have to pay compensations to the victim.

What Do You Do After Suffering Restaurant Slip And Fall Injury?

It is important to state it clearly that some establishments may not want to take responsibilities when their customers suffer a slip and fall injury. Most establishments will try to pass it as the fault of the customer and avoid the compensations and penalties they are expected to pay. The burden is on the customer to prove that the fall is no fault of his/her.

Knowing that the burden of proof is on you after a restaurant slip and fall injury, how should you react to it? The first and most important thing to do is to seek medical help if your injury is serious. It is important, also, to try and get some evidence that the incidence happened and that it was no fault of yours. You can take pictures of where it all went down with your phone camera or ask someone else to take pictures.

Also, you should get the contact and details of witnesses who will be willing to testify. It is also recommended that you speak with the manager of the establishment or anyone in charge. The incidence should be recorded and you should have a copy of it. If surveillance cameras are covering the area where you slipped and fell, take note of them as they can help your lawsuit.

What Kind Of Compensation Can You Get For A Restaurant Slip And Fall Injury?

The full compensation for a restaurant slip and fall injury can include a lot of things, depending on the level of injury you sustained. The medical cost of the accident must be fully covered by the restaurant and if there are future medical expenses, they must cover that too. You can also be compensated for pain and suffering resulting from the trauma. You can also be compensated for lost wages, lost earning potentials, damages of personal property and more. You must try to get full compensation if you slipped and fell in Church's Chicken.

The Best Way to Handle the Situation

The best way to handle a restaurant slip and fall injury and everything that will come as a result is to contact a personal injury lawyer as soon as possible. You must refuse any form of compensation offered by the restaurant or their representative until you have an experienced personal injury lawyer working for you.

The knowledge and expertise of the lawyer are needed to prove your case against the company and get the sort of compensation you deserve. Your chances of getting full compensation without an attorney are almost nonexistent since you will be up against an established company and their lawyers as well as other interesting parties like insurance companies. Experienced personal injury lawyers like those from The Injury Firm in Fort Lauderdale will get you everything you deserve.

A restaurant slip and fall injury can happen, even at Church's Chicken. You have to right to file a lawsuit and get compensated. Experienced personal injury lawyers will help you achieve that. Contact an attorney in time as there is always time limitations to claims.

Choose Us for Your Restaurant Slip and Fall Injury at Church's Chicken

Do you need expert representation in your restaurant slip and fall injury case? Contact us today at The Injury Firm - Galsterer & Abramowitz, P.A. to speak with any of our personal injury lawyers.

Our knowledgeable legal team and well-experienced personal injury lawyers will be available to speak with you and discuss the options available to you. We will represent you vigorously in your personal injury case. Above all, we will ensure that you get the substantial compensation that you deserve.

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