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Circle K Slip and Fall Accident

Over a million people are sent to emergency rooms in the United States every year due to falling and getting injured. Even though the elderly and young children are at a greater risk of tumbling, anyone regardless of their age can sustain serious injuries from a fall accident. One of the places where it is quite common for people to be involved in a slip and fall accident is Circle K. Countless customers visit the convenience store daily to get all the things they need to go about their day. 

With outlets located throughout the country, chances are that you frequent Circle K for your grocery needs. However, the high foot traffic is something to be concerned about. Although Circle K has to ensure that no hazard takes place on its premises, it is easy for you or your loved one to slip and get injured at one of their stores. Therefore, it is important that you learn more about what you can do following a Circle K slip and fall accident. Only a personal injury lawyer would be able to help you out.  

If you are not responsible for the Circle K slip and fall accident, you do not need to pay for the cost. It is in your best interest that you take advantage of our no-free consultation to find out more about where you stand. Generally, the law is on your side if you did not cause the accident. The Injury Firm will help you learn more about premises liability and where your case stands. We would be more than delighted to assist you. 

Facts about Circle K Stores in Florida

With outlets in every major city in Florida including Fort Lauderdale, Circle K has a huge presence in the state. In fact, it has branches in most states and even has franchises in Latin America as well as Asia. Founded in El Paso, Texas in 1951 by Fred Hervey, Circle K was originally called Kay’s Food Stores. It draws customers from every walk of life who visit its outlets to get coffee, chips, candies, snacks, slushes, pop cups, and just about everything that they could possibly want. The Circle K gas stations also allow customers to refuel their vehicles. 

There are plenty of Circle K locations in the state of Florida, especially in major cities like Fort Lauderdale. If you experience an injury at a Circle K in Florida, it is crucial that you reach out to an experienced slip and fall accident attorney as soon as possible. The personal injury lawyer would go out of the way to help establish a strong case for you in order for you to obtain the compensation that you deserve. 

Injuries That May Happen at a Circle K in Florida

Circle K slip and fall accidents are more common than you think. Although most of them do not cause deaths, you can sustain serious injuries that jeopardize your health and finances. Hence, you need to take action as it is not your fault that you were involved in an accident. Some examples of injuries that might occur due to a slip and fall accident are mentioned below. 

  • Concussions
  • Spinal injuries
  • Head and neck injuries 
  • Scrapes, cuts, and bruises
  • Broken bones such as pelvis, hips, ankles, or wrists

Keep in mind that some injuries tend to take a bit longer to manifest. For instance, you might fall at a Circle K outlet and leave abruptly due to embarrassment. Then, you might experience significant pain once you return home or the very next day. In fact, you might struggle to walk after a few days. 

The fact is that your symptoms can worsen over time even if the injury does not seem extreme now. This is why you have to collect evidence to substantiate your claim. Only a slip and fall accident attorney can help prepare your case. Hence, you have to contact the Injury Firm to get a hold of a lawyer who can take over your case. All you have to do is schedule a free consultation with us. We would handle your case with great care and ensure that you get the justice that you deserve. 

Potential Hazards at a Circle K Outlet in Florida

There are various things that could cause dangerous conditions at a Circle K outlet as mentioned below.

  • Gasoline or oil leaks 
  • Spilled liquids, beverages, or food items
  • Items falling down and dropping on you 
  • Water or any other liquid on the bathroom floor 
  • Snow or ice near the entrance or exit that is not treated

In case of the above, you require evidence to prove that the Circle K store had been negligent. You have to show that the hazard was visible to the staff and they did not clean it up or they failed to notice the hazard even though they had plenty of time. Moreover, the negligence on part of the store should be directly linked to the slip and fall accident. Since it is not easy to prove these facts by yourself, you have to work with a personal injury lawyer who has experience dealing with cases relating to Circle K slip and fall accidents. 

Type of Damages You Can Claim Following a Circle K Slip and Fall Accident 

In order to claim damages from a Circle K slip and fall accident, you must show that the store had been negligent and is to blame for the injuries sustained. Damages is a term that is used for losses that you experience due to injuries and are given to you as compensation for the accident. Here are some examples of damages that you can claim.

  • Prescription medications
  • Pain and suffering damages
  • Loss of earning capacity or lost wages
  • Future medical costs due to the accident 
  • Hospital bills and other her medical expenses already incurred

In order to file a personal injury case to obtain compensation, you have to determine the value of the damages you seek. This is where a personal accident attorney would help you out. He or she would decide the total damages that you should claim from Circle K’s insurance provider. 


What Do You Need To Do After You Slip And Fall At A Circle K Outlet?

Since insurance companies try to pay as little as possible when dealing with personal injury claims, you have to legally protect yourself. The insurance company you go up against is likely to find ways to reduce the amount you want. Thus, you need a strong case. Here is what you can do to ensure that you get the desired results. 

  • Immediately report the slip and fall incident to the manager at the Circle K outlet.
  • Capture images of the scene where you slipped and fell as well as the hazard that is to blame.
  • Next, you should see a medical expert right away even if you think that you are perfectly fine. 
  • Reach out to a reputable personal injury attorney to ensure that you have someone by your side. 

Proving Liability in a Fort Lauderdale Slip and Fall Accident 

If you want to seek damages, you will have to prove that Circle K was aware of the situation and did not do anything to resolve it. This is why you have to speak with the manager to report the presence of the hazard and the injuries sustained. It would allow the lawyer to prove that the manager failed to take any action to rectify the situation. For instance, if the spill had been on the ground for quite some time and did not get cleared up, the Circle K store should have placed a sign to warn customers of the possible danger. 

Moreover, you have to prove that you had sustained injuries due to the slip and fall incident. Compensable damages have to be proven as well. You would need to show medical bills and lost wages to get the judge or jury to make a decision in your favor. Your attorney would also determine the type of visitor you were as it would determine the outcome of your case under Florida law. 

As you might already know, there are three types of visitors which include invitees, licensees, and trespassers. A trespasser enters a property illegally and receives the least protection, whereas, licensees are permitted to enter the property. Invitees are allowed to enter the premises for the financial gain of the outlet and are given protection. 

Choose the Best Circle K Slip and Fall Accident Attorney

At the Injury Firm, we will build a strong injury claim on your behalf so that you get the compensation that you deserved. As we have argued with just about every insurance company in Florida and in the courtroom, we are your best option. We offer a free consultation to speak with our slip and fall personal injury attorney. It is important that you do not represent yourself. Instead, you need an experienced slip and fall accident lawyer to handle your case. 

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