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Cruise Ship Crime Victims

Cruise ships can be a great way to bring people together, allowing them all to share in a unique experience. However, with so many people on board, it can make these ships prone to a range of crimes. It also makes it difficult for personal injury lawyers to get compensation for the victims involved in these crimes. Let’s take a closer look at this complex issue.

Why Is It Difficult For Lawyers To Get Compensation For Crime Victims?

Often, lawyers will need to work very hard to get compensation for victims of crime on cruise ships. There are a few reasons why this area is so complex. First, cruise ships may make passengers sign waivers before they go on the ship. This can limit the time that people have to make a claim. If you don’t make the claim within this time limit, you often won’t be entitled to any compensation at all. Also, they might specify which areas the case can be heard in. This will ensure that the cruise companies get a hearing that works in their favor, reducing the amount that they need to pay to victims of crime. However, one of the biggest problems is when cruise companies use flags of convenience.

One of the biggest problems with the cruise industry is when companies sail under foreign flags. For example, some cruise companies sail under the Bahamas flag. They might also incorporate themselves in foreign countries. These techniques mean that the cruise company doesn’t need to apply all the laws of the United States, as local businesses do. Often, it can take a very skilled lawyer to determine which laws apply and whether the cruise company has breached that area of law. Another difficulty is that it can be very difficult for law enforcement to get to the boat.

Because they are frequently off-shore, it can be very difficult for law enforcement officials to get onto the boat to investigate any crimes that take place. For this reason, cruise ships often hire security teams to investigate any crimes that occur on the boat. By the time law enforcement teams arrive, the cruise company has already investigated the incident and filed a report. Often, the security teams have been given training on how to write these reports. This ensures that they will limit the company’s liability, making it harder for victims to get compensated for the damaged that they received. Also, law enforcement tends to rely on these reports. This can mean that some incidents might not get investigated properly. Your lawyer will need to fight through all these factors, to make sure that you get justice in the courtroom. Now that we know some of the common problems of proving a crime on a cruise ship, let’s look at some of the most common types of crimes that might be committed on these vessels.

Common Types Of Crimes On Cruise Ships

There are several types of crimes that might occur on a cruise ship, which can have a big impact on your life. For example, you might experience sexual assault or rape. These experiences can often cause victims to experience lifelong trauma. Alternatively, you might be subject to a violent crime, like an aggravated assault. This can cause serious injuries, which can take months for you to recover from. If the injuries are serious enough, you might be left with a lifelong disability. Another potential crime is robbery. This can cause you to lose valuable possessions and family heirlooms. In some cases, the crew might even be involved in these crimes. This can add to your frustration and make it harder for you to recover from the experience. Thankfully, if you hire an experienced lawyer, they will be able to help you get the compensation that you deserve.

Getting Compensation For Crime Victims

There are several things that your lawyer will need to establish before you can get compensated for your damages. First, they will need to prove that the cruise company is liable. There are several ways that they can do this. For example, they might show that there wasn’t adequate protection for passengers. This can involve showing that there weren’t enough security team members on board. They might also show that the corridors didn’t have enough security cameras. Another potential way to prove this is by proving that there weren’t enough crime prevention activities undertaken on the vessel. Once they can prove the cruise company is liable, they will be able to pursue a claim against them. The next thing that they will need to do is to calculate the amount of damages you are entitled to.

For many lawyers calculating damages is one of the most difficult parts of any claim. To do this, they will need to put a monetary value on the amount of suffering that the crime caused you to experience. For example, you can claim for any medical bills that you incurred when trying to treat an injury. However, other damages might be more intangible. For example, they need to figure out how much emotional suffering a rape victim has endured. Once they have calculated this amount, they will need to file their case.

In some cases, the cruise company might try to control where the case is heard. Some courts might be more sympathetic to the cruise company, making it less likely that you will get the compensation that you deserve. Your personal injury lawyer will need to make sure that you present the strongest possible case, increasing the chances that you will get a great outcome.


Because cruise ships bring together such a wide range of people, there is a chance that passengers might become the victims of a crime. These experiences can often have a big impact on your life. Thankfully, you are able to get compensation from the cruise company, which will help you during the recovery process. If you or someone you know has been the victim of crime on a cruise ship, contact The Injury Firm, and learn how our experienced lawyers can help you.

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