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Were you in a Gangway accident and Need a Florida Cruise Ship Injury Lawyer?

Gangway On A Cruise ShipFor persons who know nothing about cruise ships or have never had to climb unto or disembark from a cruise ship, the idea of a “gangway accident’ might seem so far-fetched, but if you are conversant with climbing into and coming down from large sea vessels, then you will very much understand how much of a safety hazard gangways can be. What are ‘gangways’? you may ask. Gangways are basically ramps or inclined surfaces by which individuals climb into or alight from a sea vessel. Gangways are typically made of metal, they have handrails and textured floor steps to prevent slippage.

Using a gangway ought to be as easy as using the stairs in a building but there is a catch. Gangways typically connect a stationary surface: the dock, and a not-so-stationary object: the ship rocking on the water. Gangways are also not permanent fixtures, which means they have to be put up when needed and taken down when not in use, therefore, gangways have connecting points. All these factors contribute to making gangways safety hazards if their usage isn’t properly monitored or supervised. Gangways also ought to meet certain structural guidelines to ensure their safety.

In the event that a gangway accident occurs, the owner of the vessel or the company in charge of running the ship will be held responsible. If you are a victim of a gangway accident, you are going to need a reputable maritime cruise ship accident lawyer to help you get compensated for any injuries that may result. Here are some factors that could potentially cause a gangway accident.

  • A very steep gangway.
  • Slippery steps.
  • Too many persons on the gangway at the same time.
  • Failure to warn users of slippery surfaces.
  • Lack of slip-resistant steps.
  • Failure of cruise ship staff in assisting the passengers.
  • Lack of proper lighting when it’s dark out.

Legal Challenges associated with gangway accidents

When one is a victim of a gangway accident, getting compensated can be quite tricky for a variety of reasons. Sometimes, the accident may happen outside the United States and may become subject to the laws of another country or the general maritime law. Getting a lawyer who is well versed in handling gangway accident cases may very well be the difference between getting fully compensated or ignored by the cruise ship operators.

Under the general maritime law, the gangway is considered a part of the cruise ship, so, the onus is definitely on the cruise ship operators to ensure that the gangway is safe and its usage closely supervised. It's not uncommon for cruise ship operators to fail to maintain their gangways, making them potentially liable for accidents that occur.

Cruise ship operators also sometimes employ evasion tactics under the guise of trying to help you get compensated. In the event of an accident, you are going to want to contact a cruise ship accident lawyer right away, so they can guide you on the necessary steps to take to help you get compensated.

Common Gangway Accidents Injuries

Gangway accidents can result in pretty serious physical injuries. There are even cases that have resulted in death. Most gangway accidents are ultimately caused by negligence. If you plan to go on a cruise ship anytime soon, be sure to be careful when using the gangway. Here are some of the common effects of gangway accidents.

  • Back and neck injuries.
  • Fractured bones.
  • Drowning.
  • Sprains and strains.
  • Torn ligaments and ripped muscles.
  • Brain injuries as a result of head trauma.
  • Spinal cord injuries.
  • Deep cuts and so on.

What to Do in The Event of a Gangway Accident

In order to get the compensation you deserve, proving that indeed the members of the ship’s crew or the cruise ship operators are the cause of the accident is very important. Of course, you should seek immediate medical attention after a gangway accident. But if you are up for it, you could take pictures showing the present state of the gangway when the accident occurred. Focus on the details, show the very cause of the accident. It could be that the gangway was slippery, the railings were faulty or unavailable, the gangway wasn’t properly secured or that there were too many people on the gangway.

Getting proof that the accident wasn’t your fault is critical, else your attorney will have to rely on eyewitness accounts, which isn’t reliable. The operators of the cruise ship will also want to exonerate themselves from blame and try to blame you for the accident.

Hiring the services of a maritime cruise ship accident lawyer is probably the best step you can take. A lawyer or a firm that is experienced in dealing with gangway accidents and other related maritime accidents will do well to help you get the compensation you deserve.

Enter The Injury Firm. Experienced Florida Cruise Ship Injury Lawyers

The implications of a gangway accident may be far more than you expect. A gangway accident could have physical and economic effects. It’s not uncommon for victims to end up disabled and unable to work. This makes getting compensation even more important.

The Injury Firm has the technical know-how and the ethical dedication to ensuring that victims of gangway accidents are not left in the lurch by cruise ship operators but rather that they are compensated in full. If you are in need of a maritime cruise ship accident lawyer or someone you know is in need of one, do well to place a call to us. The faster you act, the better. Don’t fall victim to the deception of cruise line operators, who try to prevent you from making your claim within the statute of limitation.

At the Injury Firm, cases involving cruise ship accidents are in our wheelhouse. We have experienced litigators who have a track record of successfully securing compensation for deserving victims. With the Injury firm on board, you can rest assured that the cruise line operators won’t go scot-free. Contact us today.

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