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Florida Krispy Kreme Slip And Fall Personal Injury Lawyers

krispy kreme storefrontThe most common types of indoor accidents are trip, slip and fall accidents. This means accidents that entail tripping over an object on the floor, slipping on a wet floor and falling down due to unforeseen circumstances. This can be caused by bad lighting, dirty floors and a messy environment. Although they sound minor, they could result in very dangerous and deadly medical complications like head trauma, deep cuts and even dislocation and breaking of bones and joints. These sorts of accidents can happen almost anywhere. You could even have a trip and fall accident in a Krispy Kreme outlet in Florida. When this happens, what do you do?

Krispy Kreme is an extremely popular doughnut company and coffeehouse chain that was established in 1937. They make some of the best donuts in the world. There's no doubt you've already tried one or someone you know has already tried one. Krispy Kreme is very successful with over one thousand locations around the world. Krispy Kreme specializes in donuts and they've won several awards for their delicacies. As of 2015, they were worth over 518 million dollars. Although it had humble beginnings rooted in the struggle to succeed during the Great Depression, Krispy Kreme persisted and attained the level of success they have today.

Due to its popularity, their locations are often packed with customers who either want a doughnut or a coffee or sometimes both. When this happens, the locations get crowded and things can take a turn for the worse. Several things could happen that could lead to a slip and fall accident at a Krispy Kreme outlet. Some of which are:

  1. Dirty Floors - When customers start going in and out frequently, the floors can get dirty. Especially if it is during the winter season where the air is damp. This can lead to slippery floors. Customers could also spill their coffee on the ground leaving it unsafe for others to walk across the floors. This can be dangerous because you could have a slip and fall accident due to this oversight.
  1. Poor lighting - Bad lighting can lead to accidents. For example, a Krispy Kreme outlet has several coffee machines. If the lights go out or the lighting is bad, you could trip over a wire or any item carelessly lying around. Face first injuries usually have a profound impact.
  1. Defected furniture - A company like Krispy Kreme should have quality furniture however this is not always the case. A bad wooden bench can snap and the splinters could be harmful. They could easily pierce through skin and lead to an infection. This should not be the case but unfortunately, it can happen.
  1. Wet Floors - When the floors are wet or freshly waxed, the company is legally obligated to put up a sign stating that it is so. Wet floors can result in slip and fall accidents. If they do not put up a sign, this leads to premises liability being activated.

Premises liability is the liability a landowner or occupier has when an injury is caused by a defect or an unsafe condition. Most people are unaware that places like Krispy Kreme operate under this law. If you have a slip and fall accident in a Krispy Kreme you are legally able to ask for compensation. To do this you need a personal injury lawyer. Personal injury lawyers are simply lawyers who provide legal services to anyone who claims to have been affected, physically or psychologically, as a result of another person's irresponsibility.  Personal injury lawyers cover a large expanse of cases not just car accidents, job accidents and most importantly slip and fall accidents. If you think getting a lawyer is completely unnecessary, rest assured that it is not. Huge companies like Krispy Kreme have teams of lawyers working for them. If you go to them to ask for your rightful compensation they will most likely try to cheat or manipulate the situation so that you end up without compensation.

The sad truth is that in a lot of these situations, the victim is often left without justice. If you're scared of going to court or you feel like employing the services of a lawyer is too extreme, I'd like to inform you once again that most of these cases are settled out of court and that people with personal injury lawyers are more likely to get justice and or funds for injuries sustained; physical or psychological. It would seem as though any accident at Krispy Kreme would be just a "simple" accident but that "simple" accident at Krispy Kreme could result in you missing a final exam, a job interview or other important events and opportunities. Life can be spontaneous and unfair, the least we could do is take precautions and make sure we're not left completely vulnerable. In a situation like this, it is a hundred percent safer and better for you to get a personal injury lawyer.

Several slip-and-fall accidents have happened at restaurants and stores. Through quick and fast thinking these people were able to get compensated for their injuries.

  1. According to The Heavy Weight, a fifty-nine-year-old woman was compensated with 5.7 million dollars after she slipped at McDonald's restaurant in Honolulu, Hawaii due to a wet floor. The judge declared the case in her favor due to a lack of evidence on McDonald's part.
  1. The Heavy Weight also reported that a woman from McCandless was compensated with almost 400 thousand dollars when she filed a claim alleging that a Pennsylvanian K-Mart had not laid out sufficient warnings about the waxed floor.

It is possible to get compensated for your slip and fall accident, you don't have to sit back and pay thousands for your medical bills when the accident was completely out of your control. Personal injury lawyers will establish if there is a premises liability in place or not and whether the evidence is convincing enough for a successful claim.

If you're in this situation, don't hesitate to get a personal injury lawyer and be awarded the compensation you deserve. Contact us for the best injury lawyers Florida has to offer. We will help you get legal justice for your pain and suffering.  Call for a free case evaluation today: 954-951-0000.

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