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Slip and Fall Negligence

If you had a slip and fall accident, you will need the best Fort Lauderdale slip and fall lawyer to help you with your claim. A slip and fall personal injury lawyer can be the best tool to increase the success of your claim. Our practice has a lot of experience in dealing with a lot of slip and fall negligence type of cases, which is why we are the team that you are going to want on your side during this journey to justice.

When we talk about slip and fall caused by negligence, we are talking about a specific type of personal injury as well as what we are trying to prove to get you the money that you deserve. It is easy to comprehend how you got injured: you slipped and fell. The issue is proving that this slip and fall was the result of negligence of another party. This is a more complicated thing to prove, since there are specific instances that you need to prove. Here are some things that you should know about proving negligence:

  • When it comes to slip and fall types of cases, the level of proof for negligence is much higher than it is for a car accident.
  • There are different types of slip and fall due to negligence claims depending on how you slipped and fell.
  • Slip and fall negligence can also depend on where you had your accident.
  • These claims are also based on the thing that you actually slipped on.
  • It can be very hard to show negligence if you slip on an object that is obvious and open.
  • If you don’t know what thing you slipped on, it can be impossible to show negligence which means you don’t have a claim.
  • If you did slip in the store on something like fruit or water, you can prove negligence according to the Florida Law. You will need to show that the company had actual knowledge of the condition.
  • A lawyer can prove negligence by using circumstantial evidence that the substance or object was there for a reasonable amount of time that the business should have resolved it or that this was a common problem that the business should have had knowledge of it.
  • Just because you fell at an establishment, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you have a claim against them. This is why it is important to discuss your specific situation with a personal injury attorney.

A lot of slip and fall negligence type of cases occur at an establishment due to contact with a slippery substance. Each of the cases have their own specific laws which apply, which can make it hard to recover the damages.

The Injury Firm has a great deal of experience in slip and fall cases against some of the biggest companies in the Fort Lauderdale area. These stores may be able to provide their customers with great service, but these companies still have their flaws. We expect these establishments to keep us safe. Unfortunately, things do happen, and they may be responsible for your injuries. If that’s the case, you need to get a team of professionals that are going to work for your best interests.


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