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Walmart Stores Slip and Fall Settlement

Walmart Store ExteriorConsidering Walmart is now one of the biggest companies in the US, suing them successfully and obtaining a Walmart slip and fall settlement isn't an easy task. However, we have been working as slip and fall lawyers for some time and we have a success rate higher than most.

When you go shopping, the last thing you expect is to be leaving the Walmart store with crutches or perhaps your arm in a sling but unfortunately, this is something that happens. If you have recently been through this experience, be sure to contact The Injury Firm in Fort Lauderdale. If you contact us today, you will receive a free consultation with experts about your slip and fall at Walmart.

Injury Rate - At first, you might think that slip and fall occurrences are rare in just one named store but Walmart sees rates above what we all expect. Last year alone, we received dozens of calls from people who were injured in a Walmart store. If we include all the other law firms, we predict that Walmart receives thousands of cases each and every year. Just recently, Walmart surpassed every other company in terms of suing rates and now sits only behind the government.

Therefore, Walmart has grown accustomed to protecting itself against slip and fall cases but for you, this is far from normal. With just one chance to obtain the compensation that’s rightfully yours, you need to hire the right Walmart slip and fall lawyer which is where our fantastic service comes in at The Injury Firm.

What Should You Do? - If you have just been involved in a slip and fall injury incident in a Walmart store or parking lot follow these steps;

#1: Report - First and foremost, you need to make the slip and fall accident official and have a manager notified as soon as possible. In all likelihood, they will have you fill out an injury report but you DO NOT have to complete this task. In fact, we recommend against filling out any reports because this can harm you later. If you have already done a slip and fall injury report, be sure to get a copy.

#2: Evidence - From here, we appreciate that you want to go home but you need to stick around for a little while to gather some evidence. If you have your phone on you, pull out the camera and photograph the area in which you fell and try to capture the substance or obstacle that caused your fall. Furthermore, jot down the information of witnesses and ask if they are willing to give a statement. If you leave all this until later, it will become infinitely harder to obtain.

#3: Medical Attention - If you are seriously hurt, the emergency room is where you need to be next. If the slip and fall injuries aren't quite so serious, make sure you still arrange an appointment with your doctor as soon as you can after the event. Often, people don’t realize how badly they have been hurt until a little while after, and having your trip to the doctor on record will be important. Not only is this documentation important, it is also important to get yourself onto a treatment program as soon as possible so you can get better.

#4: Contact an Attorney - Finally, you can get in touch with us at The Injury Firm and we can start to prepare your case as soon as possible. When taking on such a huge name, the case has to be prepared with skill but also with caution and we can help you to earn what you deserve.

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Causes of Slips and Falls - With a public area such as a grocery store, the owners have a responsibility to keep all who visit as safe as possible. Sadly, negligence can play a role, and owners don’t always reach the levels of safety required. In recent years, we have seen various examples of slip and fall incidents including;

Wet/Slippery Floors - Just as the name suggests, the most common example we see is people slipping on wet floors. When shopping, we very rarely spend time looking at the floor and this is rare because it is the opposite when our eyes have nothing else on which to concentrate. As mentioned though, this isn't your problem because we should all be provided with the safety conditions required to peruse the shelf and fridges in the store.

Ultimately, slippery surfaces can occur in numerous locations from the entrance to food aisles, and toilets to garden centers. Although the staff is always wary of wet surfaces, they cannot keep an eye on every inch of floor at all times throughout the day and spillage may go unspotted. For us, this is unfortunate since we are looking at the shelves and have no attention on the floor until it is simply far too late. Even after cleaning, the staff member might forget the appropriate wet floor signage and this is another problem altogether.

Uneven Surface - After wet floors, another common issue is uneven surfaces and this could be a cracked curb, a pothole in the parking lot, a broken sidewalk, or even damage to tiles on the floor. Whenever this occurs, there is a danger of tripping and we can help as long as it is on company property.

Inefficient Lighting - Sometimes, it can be a combination of poor lighting and rugs on the floor. With these two factors combined, tripping is common and this can lead to injury. For example, a bulb might have gone out in a particular aisle or the parking lot may have a lamppost with no light. Once again, you will have a case as long as the incident occurs on the property of the company (inside or outside). Even outside, a Walmart store is responsible for your safety especially when incidents could have been prevented.

Mats and Rugs - Although mats can be useful, they also present a danger when they slide all over the floor because it removes stability from that particular area. When concentrating on shopping and a mat slides, it is unlikely you will have the time to react and a fall will occur. When rugs are tattered and old, tripping can also be a problem.

Spillages - Not only will spilled liquid cause a slip, but we have also seen cases of spilled food because it can lead to a slippery or even sticky floor. Whenever there is a spillage, it is Walmart’s responsibility to identify the problem and have it cleaned as soon as possible. Regardless of whether it is food, drink, oil, cleaning product, or anything else, it cannot be on the floor in a position where shoppers are in danger.

Sleet/Ice/Snow - Of course, we can’t expect Walmart to control the weather but we can expect them to keep conditions safe for all visitors. In truth, Walmart should have plans in place to deal with extreme weather conditions effectively. As well as plans, they should also have the necessary equipment so the responsibility remains with the company.

Broken Items - Although these last two are somewhat less rare, a hazard can come from broken items in the store. For example, an item might be chipped and a customer could stand on the broken section on the floor and slide.

Insecure Items - Finally, there may be too many t-shirts on one rack or some items might be protruding from the shelf and this can cause tripping and injury. Although this seems a little harsh for Walmart, their employees should be trained to keep all items secure because this is a matter of safety for all visitors.

Most Common Locations - As you can see above, there are a number of ways that an injury can occur and we have seen it all at The Injury Firm. However, there are also certain locations that are more common than others and this will change a case dramatically. Below, you can see the most common examples;

• Sidewalks and Parking Lots
• Bathrooms
• Food Vendors
• Entrances/Exits
• Grocery Section
• Houseware Department
• Electronics Department
• Home Department

Proving Fault - When Walmart fails in its job to keep all shoppers protected and a slip and fall accident occurs, you would think that they are instantly to blame. However, it isn't quite as simple as this otherwise Walmart would lose every single one of the slip and fall cases that came their way. From the outset, they generally try to make you prove that they are at fault and this is where our experienced personal injury attorneys come in.

In recent times, proving fault or negligence has become harder than ever before and there are three main occasions where Walmart takes liability; they need to have been the direct cause of the hazard, they must have known about the hazard, and they must have left the hazard as it was with no remedy in mind and no action taken.

With your case, we will need to prove exactly what steps Walmart took that were wrong. Were they aware of the hazard in the first place? Did they see the spillage or broken tile? Did they know that the sleet was quickly becoming ice out in the parking lot? After this, did they ignore the problem and carry on with their day despite knowing of the danger? Finally, was Walmart neglectful in monitoring the issue and fixing it as best as possible?

Evidence - Earlier, we discussed the importance of evidence and taking photographs and this should never be understated. Since you are going up against one of the biggest names in the US, you need overwhelming proof that they were at fault. If you have been injured in a slip and fall incident at a Walmart store, you might not be in a condition to investigate fully which is why we are always happy to help. After joining you, we will ask for the footage from the store, and Walmart will have to comply.

Every day, we will dig deeper than the day before to ensure that all the facts have been unearthed and that you are given a fair opportunity to have your say. Once again, we are The Injury Firm and we are here solely for you.

Legal Team of Walmart - With many businesses, they want to offer a settlement as quickly as possible so their name doesn’t get dragged through the dirt with a legal case. In a perfect world, we would do this for you but sadly Walmart just isn't one of these companies. Instead, they are happy for a case to go to trial and they fight every single case. Even when they face losing more money going down this route, they make a point of changing corporate litigation.

Essentially, this mindset goes right back to Sam Walton who first founded the company. Right back at the beginning, he said that cases should always go to court when the company feels they aren't to blame. As you would expect, Walmart always believes they aren't at fault which is why they very rarely settle. Over time, they have learned that fair doesn’t work which is why you need someone in your corner who knows the games they play. Even if they do offer you a settlement, this suggests that you have a serious case because they are making the rare admittance of fault.

As we saw earlier, Walmart gets sued a significant amount which has allowed them to build a reputable defense team and they have some of the best attorneys in the country. If you go out there alone, it would be like walking into a ring with the best boxers in the country. Even if you win the initial case, Walmart is likely to appeal and these relentless tactics are used to try to get you to give up. Since they have almost limitless resources, they think they can outlast everyone. With our slip and fall injury lawyers, you have a team who feel the same way as Walmart; we will never give up the fight.

Contact Us - If you have any questions or just want some more information, please feel free to get in touch with the team at The Injury Firm today; we can speak to you in English, Spanish and Creole.

Not only are we experienced at handling slip and fall cases, but we are also experienced at handling these cases with Walmart and this is important because they present a completely unique challenge. Over the years, our clients have won big bucks from the company and they now see us as a thorn in their side that just won’t go away. Just recently, we had a victory that ended with a compensation figure well into six-figures and we have an extremely high success rate.

Even when claims have enough merit, the Walmart claims team will deny everything which can be frustrating. Luckily, we have learned the most popular tactics used by Walmart and we know how to handle them carefully without affecting your case in a negative way. With us, you can see your case without having to risk large sums of money to find out whether you are successful too.

No Win, No Fee - Considering Walmart’s history in this arena, you would think there is a huge risk in taking them on but this doesn’t have to be the case as we have a No Fee Promise. If we are willing to take on your case, we will cover the upfront cost and you will not have to pay a penny for expert witnesses, filing fees, or any other cost that comes up along the way.

If we win, we will take a small percentage instead so this enables you to remove the risk from what would otherwise be an uphill struggle to say the least. If we do not win, you will not pay anything so you will never walk away with a debt which is something that worries many. Compared to Walmart, your resources are extremely limited but we have a team of dedicated lawyers who only want success for you with no other motive.

Feel free to contact us today with any questions or if you need information; we would love to represent you and ensure you receive the compensation you deserve from Walmart: 954-951-0000


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